Seaman Nuclear gauges provide immediate and accurate test results to help you:

Avoid costly penalties for inadequate compaction.

Troubleshoot compaction problems.

Reduce rolling hours.

Avoid over-rolling.

Earn bonuses for uniform compaction.

Why Seaman is your best choice:

Safest design - source remains inside gauge - protected.

Reliable backscatter readings in soils using exclusive air gap backscatter technology.

Reliable correlation with conventional tests such as the core and sand cone.

Don't accept myths about safety concerns and regulations.  Get the straight story.


Gauge Models  


The Model C-300 is our newest and most versatile Density Moisture Gauge for compaction testing of construction materials. It is the result of 40 years of experience in gauge design and feedback from users, as well as new innovations. Now available with optional direct transmission. Versatile, no-compromise performance.

C-300 Product Information




The Model C-75 is based on the original Seaman design, a capable, budget-minded Density Moisture gauge for compaction testing of construction materials.

C-75 Product Information




The Model R-50 Moisture Gauge locates hidden moisture in flat roofs to dramatically lower maintenance costs. The R-50 identifies the degrees of wetness like no other method. Provides the information needed to determine extent of damage in a roof. Avoid costly replacement of large sections of good roof to repair problems in small hidden areas. Catch unseen water infiltration before damage to the deck occurs.

R-50 Product Information





    The Shipping Case Restraint conveniently secures the gauge during transportation, complying with state and federal regulations.

     ShippingCaseRestraint.pdf (791K)

See ease of use:

     CaseRestraint.wmv (6.1 Meg video)

     CaseRestraintSecurity.wmv (10.6 Meg video)


All Seaman Gauges Meet ASTM, AASHTO, Federal, and State Standards

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