The Seaman Nuclear Corporation provides training for portable gauge users.

Training can be provided in a live interactive session online using GoToMeeting, or at your pace watching a pre-recorded training session, or in-person at your facility or at Seaman Nuclear Corporation in Oak Creek, WI. 

For information and to schedule training, please call (414) 762-5100 or email

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I attended your seminar and lost my certificate, how can I get a replacement?

We will be happy to send you a replacement certificate. Make your request via e-mail, include your name and address, name of your organization, and the approximate date that you attended the seminar.

Must each operator attend your seminar in order to operate the gauge?

All gauge users need training in the topics of gauge operation, safety, security, regulation, and transportation. How this training should be provided varies depending on your location. We recommend contacting us for details. Hit Counter