Instructions for transportation of gauges.

Frequently Asked Questions about transportation.

Forms, labels, and records you can print out and use.


See the Transportation (1.7 meg PDF) chapter in the gauge operator's manual for instructions on transport of gauges to the job site or by carrier. 

When sending your gauge in for service, please complete the Request for Service form (63k PDF) and return it with the gauge.

Recommended carriers.

FedEx 800-463-3339 is used for urgent shipments and those outside of the continental U.S.A.

R & L Carriers, a truck-line, is more economical for shipments over 40 lb within the continental U.S.A. Typical transit time to/from our factory from locations in the mid-west U.S.A. is 1-2 days, elsewhere 3-4 days.

Hazmat training program (110k PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions about Transportation:

For transportation of gauges containing radium, do I need a "Special Form Certificate" also known as "Certificate of Competent Authority"?

No. Gauges containing radium are not transported under the USDOT Special Form classification and therefore, do not require a Special Form Certificate. Other materials, such as cesium or americium, are shipped as Special Form, and therefore, do require a current certificate.

Is placarding a vehicle required?

No. Seaman Nuclear gauges ship Yellow-II and placarding (signs on vehicle) are not required for transportation to the jobsite or by common carrier or FedEx. Placarding applies to shipments of larger amounts of radioactive material known as Yellow-III.

Have some UN numbers and shipping descriptions been replaced?

Yes. UN numbers 2974 and 2982 and their shipping descriptions have been replaced. See current shipping instructions for current UN numbers and shipping descriptions.


Forms, labels, and records you can print out and use:

Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods. (1 meg PDF) form fill-in for shipments by Air Freight. (Includes example of completed FedEx air bill.)

Shipping Papers and Emergency Response Information for private transportation. For gauges containing Cs-137 and Am-241 (115k PDF) and for gauges containing Ra-226 PDF (112k PDF).

Type A Packaging Certificate (16k PDF)

Special Form Certificates / Certificates of Competent Authority. Please contact us and provide your gauge serial number so that we can determine which certificate applies to your gauge.   Hit Counter