Registration or a license may be required from your State or the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, depending on the type of gauge you have and your location. For assistance in determining the requirements in your circumstance, please contact us.

If a license is required, we would be pleased to assist you in completing the application.



Is there a MSDS Data Sheet available for my gauge?

The MSDS is required for hazardous materials controlled by the EPA. Radioactive materials are not controlled by the EPA, but the NRC (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and States. The NRC and States do not require MSDS. If the party requesting a document needs something for their MSDS file, we recommend providing a copy of your license or registration or the telephone number of your regulatory authority.

Is regulation overly burdensome?

Almost every state has minimized administrative burden by streamlining their application process and providing checklists to help gauge owners quickly check their compliance with regulations. Seaman Nuclear personnel are happy to assist with completing an application or questions about compliance.

Much of the regulation pertaining to nuclear gauges involves operator training and security. However, this is not much of an issue because these are things that businesses already do. For example:

Training: Moisture and density measurements provide key information to contractors and job owners. Regardless of the test method, most organizations typically require personnel to be trained to insure they have the knowledge to perform measurements accurately. The safety and regulatory information pertaining to nuclear gauges are simply a few additional topics in a technician's training outline.

Security requirements in the regulations are similar to what equipment owners already do to protect their assets.

Is Dosimetry Required?

In most circumstances, it is not. See the attached file for your records.

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