Seaman Nuclear Corporation gauges are robust and are uniquely designed to protect the radioactive source in the event of an accident. Because the source always stays inside the gauge, even during testing, it is unlikely that it would ever become separated from the gauge or be damaged. To our knowledge, no Seaman Nuclear gauge has ever had a leaking source.

If your nuclear gauge has been damaged, the following is recommended:

1. If a gauge has been involved in an accident, stop and detain any involved vehicles until the degree of damage is known. If the gauge has been damaged so that the integrity of the shielding is in question, establish a controlled zone having a radius of at least 15 ft (5 meters) from the gauge until the condition of the source and shielding mechanism is known. Do not allow vehicular or foot traffic in this area unless necessary.

2. Inform your foreman, supervisor and RSO immediately and establish a plan of action. The RSO will notify Seaman. He may also need to notify regulatory authorities. The RSO will check regulations and determine what is necessary for the circumstances. If the RSO cannot be located, call Seaman immediately.

Supervisor at work _____________ at home ______________

RSO at work __________________ at home ______________

Seaman Nuclear Corporation 414-762-5100

3. Have a leak test performed after any incident that may have resulted in source damage.

4. Do not use the unit until its operation and safety have been verified.

Call Seaman Nuclear Corporation for further instructions on returning the gauge for repair.

Note: emergency responders may want to refer to the "Emergency Response Information", normally with the driver.    Hit Counter