Battery FAQ





How can I tell if my battery or my charger is bad?

At the factory, the batteries and chargers are tested under load to ensure they are providing satisfactory output. The next best method is to use a simple voltmeter with probes following this procedure:

1. If a 6V battery reads less than 5 volts or a 12V battery reads less than 10 volts, the battery has failed. To access the battery voltage, probe the end of the connector, the back of the white connector on a 6V battery (if it is not covered), or lift the end of the shrink tube at the battery enough to probe the bare battery terminals.

2. If the battery passes the voltage check, hook it up to the charger, without plugging the charger into the wall.

3. Check battery voltage, then plug the charger into the wall, and check it again. If the voltage has increased, the charger is functioning. Do not hook up a failed battery (as defined in step 1) to check the charger, it will not provide a valid test.

How should the batteries be taken care of during long term storage?

Charge them at least once during the off season, once every 3 months is sufficient. It is not necessary to discharge before recharging, as a sealed lead acid battery does not exhibit any memory effects.

Can I leave my battery on charge indefinitely?

Yes. Seamanís charger is designed to safely charge the sealed lead acid battery without overcharge occurring. The charger begins operation at a specified rate and tapers as the battery voltage climbs. At the end of the charge, the unit switches into a pulsing mode so that the charger can be left connected to the battery indefinitely.

What does the LED on the charger indicate?

The LED burns brightly during initial charge. As the battery reaches the end of the charge cycle, the LED dims and will begin to flicker.

Does the charger meet any product safety standards?

Yes. The sealed lead acid charger meets Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standard Association (CSA) standards.

Do you accept bad batteries for proper disposal?

Yes. If you return the battery to us we will have it recycled. Please do not ship us damaged batteries that are leaking.

How can I charge my battery from my vehicle?

An Inverter is available from Seaman, P/N 110-4550, which plugs into the 12 VDC cigarette lighter jack in your vehicle, and produces 120 VAC for use with the charger.

Will your charger work with 220 volts as found outside the US?

Yes. A converter is available from Seaman, P/N 110-0222, which changes 220 VAC to 110 VAC. The converter is supplied with adapters to fit all popular 220 VAC outlets.